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Dummy's Guide to Making Resume

After you join your college, by the end of 1st year of college, you will find many of your comrades and seniors saying do this or do that; it will help you improve your resume. It was the time, we were celebrating the Annual techno-cultural fest of our college, when one of our "friendly interaction sessions", we were told to participate in as many events as possible; and it will be a valuable addition to our resume.

Standing in the common room of 1st-year hostel, I had no idea what a Resume is? But, I didn't have the courage to ask either. Much later, when I started applying for internships, I got to understand the significance of having a great resume. So, folks! let me break it down for you.

The literal meaning of a resume is to continue after a pause or disruption. Speaking with experience, a resume is a marketing document which you use to showcase your skills and abilities to convince the targeted individual/organization that you will be a suitable fit for the role you are applying for. Let me make it more clear.

If you want to apply for an internship at Microsoft, the contents of your resume should speak out loud that your education, your skills, your experience of working on a particular project, and your experience of competing in a certain contest, have all transpired to make you the most suitable candidate for that position. You may be a wonderful chef, an expert pianist or an NCC Cadet during your schooling, they are just icing on the cake; the foundations need to be made with your skills, certifications, and experience in Coding, MS Tools and Services.

However, you cannot ignore the icing on the cake either. Everyone applying for the position will have similar skills and certifications, but your presentation (in the form of a great resume) and extra-curricular activities shouting out loud that you are a great catch will make you stand out.

I am not giving you any default template for the resume. You can easily find it on the web. However, once you are done jotting down all things that you want to include in your resume; if you want to have an opinion on whether your resume will appeal to your target employer, feel free to ask. Together we will try to showcase the best version of yourself.

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